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Welcome to TABU by Chiron

This is my first webcomic in english ^_^# so please be gentle if there are any mistakes as I'm a German. If there were any mistakes please let me know. ^^ Please also post your comments and critics into the Shoutbox (\^o^/)

Oh yeah O_o by the way, this is no Loveless-Doujinshi =_=
It may sound familiar with the names and the spell battles...and some people seem to think it's nice to read for an author that the work they're doing is just some bad rip-off or even a copy of the work of a famous mangaka.

It is rude.

I wrote it down here before that only the spell battles are inspired by loveless. They're no copy (as you will see in the further storyline) as well as the names of the ones using the spells have actually nothing to do with the '-less' names in Loveless and the bonds between a fighter and sacrifice as such thing DOES NOT EXIST IN TABU.

Thank you for reading...

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